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  • You MUST be a member on the wiki for at least 2 months.
  • You MUST have at least 600 edits on this wiki. At least half of your edits should be in contributive mainspaces such as Main, Islam Wiki, Talk, and Template. You can check by using Special:EditCount. We WILL check if you have the required amount of edits on the correct namespaces.
  • It would be PREFERED you be on the Islam Wiki Discord Server.
  • You MUST be an active contributor on this community.
  • You must NOT have ANY bad history with this community, FANDOM, or any other closely related community.


  • If you have any extra things you would like to include please include it.
  • Please note that almost all questions MUST be answered.


Please apply here for Content Moderator rights.

This Application is Currently Open

You may submit an application, we will try to get to yours soon.