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This page is about Islam Wiki and it's origins.

We are a friendly community that contribute to spread the knowledge about Islam to others. We would be overjoyed if you plan to stay and create new articles about the true religion of peace!

Islam Wiki was created and started on September 25, 2006 possibly by Reekan12 though it unfortunately isn't exactly known who founded this wonderful community. This wiki was apart of the domain and was eventually converted to the FANDOM domain.
Islam Wiki was possibly adopted by BlueDevil as they were another beuarecrat on this wiki, in the past. BlueDevil later gave Messi1983 admin rights though at an unknown time Messi1983 was demoted by BlueDevil. BlueDevil and Messi1983 became inactive like Reekan12 leaving the wiki unmanaged though users still edited from time to time.
Much later, BlueDevil made INTLHI an administrator in November of 2021. Soon after INTLHI adopted Islam Wikia and made Islamic Golden Age an administrator.