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One of Islam's beliefs is that Jesus is not the son of God. In fact, Islam states that God would never have a son. Islam came after Christianity, and it attacks it. Hey Muslims, maybe you can explain why your religion, which came after Christianity, has as one of its sole tenets a doctrine which is hostile to my religion (antichristian).

Today in Iran, there is Ahmadinejad who seeks to wipe out the Jewish people. Hey Muslims, why are you hostile to Jewish people too?

Christians pray for the Muslim people who live in the shadow of darkness of a false religion that is hostile to your own. Pray for Iranian students that the spirit of Cyrus may be awakened, instead of the spirit of Haman that is now at work in Ahmadinejad and his cohorts.

Pray for the Jewish people that they may understand it is okay to believe in Jesus, their true Messiah. Pray against Islam which is hostile to the Jewish people knowing this.

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